How to get 500 hp from a SR20det engine

Published: 20th January 2009
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Making the SR20det fast for cheap
This is the second in this series articles about making your Japanese engine, make some American torque numbers. Lets start with the motor itself. These thing are pretty incredible engines. The sr20 does have some flaws though, the thrust bearing in the crank is a horrible design. When it fails it ruins the whole engine pretty much except for the head. The now typical sr is around 500 ponies, so lets get there. First thing your going to need is some gas. A single walboro will support just about 500 hp so lets get one of those. The trusty sard fuel pressure regulator is up to bat again also. As for a computer, well, there is so many cheap computers out for the sr it is nuts. Now for the ease of tuning any of them, I would just use a power FC, they have proved to me thery are reliable, and tunable. Your going to need a airflow meter from a 300zx, some very large injectors, around 1000 cc preferably, although they are harder to tune, but worth it in the long run.
Now comes the fun stuff, here is where everyone in the world will tell you that you need, a headgasket, cams, solid lifters, and forged pistons. Well, you don't, mild 264 cams in a stock head will do you just fine, if your one of those guys that thinks he is a road racer and down sfift through every gear for absolutely no reason, get some rocker stoppers. These are the only modification to the engine that is nessesary to run some big numbers though this little engine.

On to the turbo system, Well lets pull up a old cheap favorite, the hx40, and the h1e. These can be had on Ebay for cheap. Like 100$ cheap, and they are very good turbos, in reliability and power wise. A Manifold can be found at Wastegates also can be found on the same site. Or just get a cheap one from Ebay. Find your locally friendly welder, and make good friends with him, as you will need much of his services to put this together.
Make sure you find someone that can tune the computer before you buy it. Buying a computer when you don't have anyone to tune it is pretty worthless. The more familiar the tuner is with the computer, the better the result will be.

S20det engine like to run in the 12 a/f to1 under high boost, in my expirence I have found 12.3 to 1 to be the best for power, and for the ability of the spark to light the mixture. Any thing in the 11, seems really conducive to make knock in these engines. Knocking can break pistons, and ruin engines, please learn about what your doing before you try it.
Scott has been in the car buisness for over 12 years, He is a racer in his heart.

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